It was really good.

We each got a different kind: two chocolates, cappucino, timamisu, cocco, and lemonchello.

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Tower of London (and a recap)

We went to the Tower of London today and we say a medieval palace and the crown jewels.  They are really cool.  I liked that they had a lot of diamonds and emeralds.  The sad thing is that you can’t take photos in there.

It looks out over the River Thames.

Since it’s been a while since I blogged, here are some things I’ve really liked and my favorite things there:

1.  The British Museum — the Egyptian Mummies

2.  Windsor Castle — St. George’s Hall and the Ballroom

3.  Westminster Abbey — the stained glass window when you walked in

4.  London Eye — view from up top

5.  Paris — the Disney Store

6.  Notre Dame — the view from the top

7.  Bath — the Abbey, because it was beautiful

8.  The Water Lilly paintings

9.  The brass rubbings at St. Martin in the Field.

[I tried to get her to promise that she’d blog more often and only got a look.  Oh, well.  I’ll keep trying.]

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Botanical Gardens

I went to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday and went into this greenhouse where the lemons were really large.  I thought the citrons looked like lemons only bigger and bumpier.  The oranges were still growing — about the size of a cherry.  Next we went to the lily house.  There weren’t many lily pads or water lilies because the pool had just been cleaned.  It gets cleaned every two years.

We also went into a house that had lots of cactus and trees that grew in the desert.  A bunch of them were from Mexico.

We saw a fountain outside.

Then we went into this place with a lot of rocks.  There was a circle cut into 6ths or 8ths.  It was fun.

There was also a fishpond — there was a large fish I was trying to get a picture of, but it stayed under a leaf.

I read this story in a book, and thought it was really funny: “300 years ago, a man named Professor Bobart thought he had found a dead dragon in the gardens.  It was actually a huge, dead rat.”

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Wednesday we went to London.  First we went to the British library.  We saw the treasures; we did a lot of listening.  First I listened to part of Alice in Wonderland, next I listened to some of Mozart’s music, and last I listened to “Help” by the Beatles.  I liked the Robert Sabuda pop-up book in the Alice in Wonderland exhibit.  Mozart’s music was so beautiful.

Next we went to Westminster Abbey for Candlemas.  Molly said it was “beautifuler” than our church.  It was very, very beautiful.  My favorite part was the lighting of the candles.

Next we caught a taxi to the theatre district.  And then we went to Pizza Express and gobbled down our food.

Then we went to the Lion King.  One of my favorite parts is when Pumba asks what the light things are in the sky? And Timon thinks they’re fireflies, and Pumba says he think they’re balls of burning gas a million miles away, and Timon says “You think everything’s about gas, Pumba.” One of my other favorite parts when Zazu was singing to Scar “Supercalifragilistic.”

At intermission, we saw opera glasses and tried them out like Paddington.  We took turns looking through them.

We got home at like midnight.

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An Oxford Recap from Molly

We went to church today — I liked Kid’s Church. I play games before we leave.  We don’t learn anything.  Jesus prayed and his friends asked him to tell them how to pray.   And he said a short prayer, something about kings.  And we went to Krispy Kreme.  I ate all the donuts and Jane Anne ate some.  We went to the museum — I really liked the pony and the other thing you can touch.  (And grapes explode in the microwave.)  This was a fun trip.  Zoe, are you having fun, too?

January 30, 2011 at 5:13 pm 10 comments

Bunk Beds! (Molly and JA’s room)

Our  room has lots of cool stuff. We have THREE beds in our  room and we saw a spider . Molly was scared. We are having a lot of fun!

(Molly’s commentary — “I wasn’t scared of the spider.  I was surprised.  We bringed our American Girl dolls and we bringed books.”)



January 22, 2011 at 8:16 pm 11 comments

On our way to Oxford

On the bus to dfw airport. I’m excited about being in a place that’s really cool and that I’ve never been in. I keep thinking about the Zaboomafoo song that says, “we’re going on a big adventure and we don’t know what’s in store. We’re headed to the closet and headed out the door!”

January 19, 2011 at 6:00 pm 7 comments

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